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When America was under attack, she risked her life stationing herself a block away from the collapsing twin towers in order bring the story home. In 2002 she captured an exclusive interview with the family of sniper victim, Ken Bridges then united four of the sniper's victim's families together for an emotional discussion about the effect the attacks had on their lives. She posited the right questions to the President of the United States during the Clinton White House scandal in 1997. And recently, at the MTV Music Awards, Beyonce offered her a piece of friendly "red carpet" advice on "who designed her beautiful gowns." Aside from the likes of Bill Gates or Donald Trump, it may seem an illogical, if not impossible feat to mingle amongst the Hollywood elite, and moreover be taken seriously enough to moderate a debate with political pontiffs on issues of national importance. Not if you're broadcast journalist, April Woodard. With a lethal combination of brains, brawn and beauty, this former Miss National Black USA winner has the aggressiveness, intuitiveness and the smarts to be in the right place, at the right time, to get the right information. Currently, as a correspondent for "Inside Edition," April is not only gilding her reputation as an insightful journalist, but also as one that can shine as bright as the stars she meets, all the while never losing her human touch to relate to a person on the street. April's journey as a journalist began a decade ago when she won a full academic scholarship to the University of Virginia, majoring in Rhetoric and Communications. After graduating with honors.

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