Ali Hillis Bio - Biography

Name Ali Hillis
Naionality American
Date of Birth 29 December 1978
Place of Birth Huntington Beach, California, USA
Famous for
California-born Ali Hillis landed her first acting job with a guest role in two 1999 episodes of WB's drama series starring Keri Russell, "Felicity." The next year, she was spotted as a guest in an episode of Fox’s horror/mystery/comedy show "FreakyLinks" and MTV’s anthology series "Undressed." She also made her big screen debut with a starring role as an artist in writer-director Martin Edwards' independent romantic comedy film All the Wrong Places.

Following her film debut, Hillis was cast to play the title role in Rex Piano's romantic comedy The Month of August, opposite Mackenzie Astin, and provided her voice to the titular character in Randy Bobbitt's black-and-white film Hung Up on Elena, alongside Matthew Fulchiron. Meanwhile, TV audiences could catch her in an episode of the NBC syndicated highly popular lifeguard drama "Baywatch," the short-lived comedy show "Inside Schwartz," NBC's Emmy-nominated action/drama series "Boomtown" and ABC's sitcom "Less Than Perfect."

Hillis subsequently appeared in Lee Shallat Chemel's coming-of-age romantic/family film Greener Mountains (starring Chris Heuisler), co-starred with Jessica Simpson in ABC's comedy pilot "Jessica," and guest starred in NBC/CBS’ popular adventure and drama show "JAG" (all in 2004). She then spent the following year acting in Joshua J. Greene's short film The Commission, Aric Avelino's directorial debut American Gun (starring Marcia Gay Harden, Linda Cardellini, Donald Sutherland and Forest Whitaker), and lent her voice in Pete Michels and Peter Shin's direct-to-DVD animated film Family Guy Presents: Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story (with Seth Green and Mila Kunis).

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