Alexander Granzow Bio - Biography

Name Alexander Granzow
Height 5'11
Naionality Germany
Date of Birth 23-Apr-1990,
Place of Birth German
Famous for
The 23-day physical cycle tracks the hand-eye coordination, strength, endurance, stamina, initiative, powers and resistance to, and recovery from illness. It is considered as a dominant cycle in men.

» Plan your activities so that you take up energy intensive tasks on the positive days of the physical cycle and do routine activities on the negative days of the physical cycle.

» Avoid physically challenging activities on a physically critical day. If you still need to go ahead with it be extra careful.The 28-day emotional cycle regulates feelings, mood swings, sensitivity, fantasy, temperament, affections and creativity. It is considered as a dominant cycle in women.

» Try to make use of the positive days of the emotional cycle by scheduling emotionally draining tasks like giving a spirited speech, sorting out family issues, etc.

» Do not trust negative feelings on emotionally negative days, and most importantly do not act on them.

» Try to maintain emotional stability on a emotionally critical day. Do not take any major decisions on that day. For e.g. do not quit a job or file for a divorce.The 33-day intellectual cycle is representative of intellectual dynamics, i.e. intelligence, analytical ability, alertness, sense of direction, decision-making, judgement, memory and most importantly logic.

» Make use of the positive days of the intellectual cycle to complete that type of work which demands quick thinking and a sharp analytical ability. For e.g. doing a business deal, coding a new application, going to court, taking competitive exams, etc.

» Negative days of the intellectual cycle are supposed to be used for routine activities. However if you really need to do brain intensive activity be extra careful so that you don't make any blunders.

» Intellectually critical days are really unpredictable, you can be exceptional or it may be really really bad.
The 38-day intuitive cycle is useful to know unconscious perception, instinctive decisions and paranormal activity, basically dealing with matters of the sixth sense.

» On the positive days of this cycle, you can generally trust your instincts and act on them. This does not happen on the negative days of this cycle.

» On critical days, it would be too risky to trust your intuitions; however every risk has an equivalent amount of gain associated with it.
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