Alessio Boni Bio - Biography

Name Alessio Boni
Naionality Italy
Date of Birth 04-July-1966
Place of Birth Italian
Famous for
Ilove my job. The true success, according to me, is to realize in my life the choice that my passion dictated to me, many years go… Why do I love to act? Because it makes complete my forming as a man. An actor does interpret life, and in order to do that he must experiment with and become sensible to every life’s event. He has to listen to and look at and welcome all the experiences that life offers to him. He has to store it up into his consciousness and use it in his art. An actor’s duty is to try and grab the true meaning of life, interpret it, and if he succeeds in revealing it, that is going to be the final seal of his art. So being a man with the sharpest counsciousness of what makes us humans and measure of nature – this counsciousness is being an actor.

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