Adam Yauch Bio - Biography

Name Adam Yauch
Height 5'9
Naionality American
Date of Birth 05-Aug-1964
Place of Birth America
Famous for
Adam Yauch was born in New York on August 5, 1964. He formed the Beastie Boys with Mike D in 1981. They soon added Adam Horovitz to the group and went on to open for Madonna on her famous "Like a Virgin" tour. The Beastie Boys gained huge success with numerous genius albums and tours, then founded their own label "Grand Royal Records" in 1993. Inspired by his own extensive travels as well as the Dalai Lama, Yauch became publicly passionate about the destructive, violent situation in Tibet and created "The Milarepa Fund" in 1994 to help promote awareness and generate support around the world. He organized the first "Tibetan Freedom Concert" in San Francisco in 1996, which he followed with years of a similar series in the United States and worldwide. His Milarepa Fund has raised large sums of money for the Tibetan cause and its nonviolent Buddhist struggle to maintain an actual state of existence on the planet. In May of 1998, he married Dechen Wangdu and they have together produced a daughter named Tenzin. Yauch has influenced an entire generation of human souls to look deep within themselves in search of a greater truth and a peaceful, compassionate understanding of all that surrounds us.

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