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Aardvarks a metal band from Bonn, the secret centre of Germany, are on the stages of the metal world without missing a beat for 20 years now since their founding in 1992 by Guido Meyer de Voltaire and his brother Andreas.

Their compositions unify the influences of Thrash, Death and Heavy Metal of the past millenium in all its numerous variations. Power, aggression and melody are combined to a harmonic concept that is able to fascinate a wide­spread metalophile audience. Here AARDVARKS create – as a counterpole to the many keyboardfocused bands of the metaloid genre a deep atmosphere by exclusively using the traditional instrumentation.

The classical E-tuning – nowadays rarely heard – serves as a clear, powerful soundwall in every accoustic situation, without loosing aggression or pressure. In their songs you will equally find epic-melodic parts, crushing mid-tempo riffs, as well as ravishing Thrash-Death-parts.